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Paint Pole Tool Holder With Counter Lock Nut

  flat box.jpg (50810 bytes)


"Proudly Designed and Made in Australia"

$250 Retail  

The Grandmaster Paint Pole tool Holder represents the worlds most versatile painting and drywall tool system that incorporates the innovative counter lock nut invention that hand locks all manner of  tools and electrical tools firmly onto the end of a paint pole to undertake a wide array of  painting, drywall plastering, concreting, floor leveling, white setting, texturing, ceiling grinding, ceiling cutting, drywall sanding and concrete repair tasks 


New Killer Application Use

Via its attachment adaptor bit it can able be easily attached to a Plastering Flat Box 

to plaster concrete and drywall ceilings over 6 metres high 


[Want Us to do it for you? Call now]

For Expert High Rise Texturing Services

Contact the GrandMaster on 0407145317 [Australia Wide Service]


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