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The "shallow bush grave" sand gardening technique 


The wet sand gardening pot storage technique is a gardening method protects nursery plants in small pots from heat stress - 35 degree Celsius +  during the height of summer. 

The wet sand gardening pot storage technique uses a 500mm deep, plastic sheet lined garden bed, 100 mm storm water pipe, grandmaster bottle wicks, and timed water feed to keep pipes filled with water, that is released a non energy passive capillary action means to keep sand constantly moist and fragile plants and their root systems in premium health, which protects valuable stock from damage and significantly enhances their commercial value, prior to customer purchase..

Benefits of use:

» Constant sand bed moisture levels promote rapid growth and excellent plant health, and keeps plants grown in small pots, turgid and erect in the hottest of conditions, which is vital in the very competitive retail nursery market, where the customer dollar rule supreme.

» Allows you to construct, very low cost - aesthetically pleasing - commercial sized - retail nurseries via, concrete garden kerbing, storm water pipes, grandmaster bottle wicks, plastic lined trenches, and grass path walk ways.

» Utilizes capillary action [bottom feed] water feed methods, to minimize energy, water usage, plant disease and discoloration of plant foliage from burn via top feed watering methods undertaken during the hottest part of the day..

»  Very low maintence - as the use of clean well drained river in the sand beds helps reduce "unwanted" weeds and grass seed from becoming firmly established in the garden beds.

»The deep wet sand garden bed helps support top heavy plants in upright position.