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The Tree Water Collector

The water channel strip and filter collection box [with first flush diverter] is designed to harness large volumes of fresh clean water from trees in a cheap and environmentally fashion.  In flat geography or sandy soils, whereby ground runoff collection is not possible this is often the only viable alternative.

A large tree can easily collect hundreds or even thousands of litres of precious water with very moderate rainfall [30mm rain] as its huge out stretched limbs and foliage act like a giant inverted umbrella.

This product is very effective and easy to use, and provides an expandable corset for tree growth and is extremely useful for crop irrigation, bush regeneration projects constructing micro habitats, constructing lakes and ponds,  refilling farm dams, watering stock, supplying emergency rescue shelters, bush toilets, replenishing wells, etc.

Volume orders required for manufacture - phone for quote