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The Sub Terrain Vessel

Hydro Culture is the future of world gardening !!!

This product is a new micro irrigation attachment that is a  redesigned miniature, self watering pot [without the pot] with a miniature value that most effectively cultivates with the hydro culture  

This attachment can be used effectively in both pressure and non water pressure feed gardens and delivers excellent results, with much less water use than drippers.  The micro value operates as similar to a toilet cistern and maintains water well at constant level, promoting vigorous healthy growth.

   The Worlds most water efficient irrigation product range !!!

Grows bigger healthier plants twice as fast on 100 times less water

Grandmaster Tools  Introduces Advanced -  Passive - Bottom feed - Hydro Culture and Hydroponic Techniques to Outdoor Soil and Soil less Gardens with his New Multi Purpose - Bottle Wick - Micro Valve -  Hydro Garden Product Kit.

Volume orders required for manufacture - enquire now