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Wild Macadamia Nut Seeds

Hydro culture for Dummies

Irrigation and landcare Products

The Sub Terrain Vessel

The Cascading Hydrotube

The Bottle Wick Kit

The Bird Protector

Tree Water Collector

Tree Water Receptacle

The Micro Valve

The Tap Holesaw

Micro Gravity Distributor

Thorn Dripper

Compost Bin Garden

Water Wise Plant Nursery





Grandmaster Hydro Culture Irrigation and Land Care Technologies

"The Future of Gardening"

Grows bigger healthier plants twice as fast on 100 times less water!!!


Dry bushland micro irrigation system with pressure compensated micro valve

Significantly increases survival of saplings through early stages of growth

Bottle wick kit facilitates various bottle wick constructions for dry bushland cultivation

Dry bushland irrigation kit for construction of highly effective -automated-passive energy-watering & collection systems


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GrandMaster Tools 21st Century Irrigation Technology & Land Care Product Range

Mathew Norton of Grandmaster Tools land care product range was developed to provide the tools to help reverse climate change, green the deserts, feed the worlds starving millions and help meet the serious environmental challenges of the 21st century.

Water Shortage is considered by the UN to be the major challenge of the 21st Century and be the source of much suffering and conflict,