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"Turns your unwanted lawn clippings and compost directly into fresh healthy organic food and flowers "without all the hard work, expense and weeds"  

Organic Gardening in its simplest, lowest cost, easiest, and purest form

 Qty - 50 garden wick/pot orders + $139  [Price includes Postage, au]

Qty 20 garden wick/pot + $70 - [Price includes Postage, au]

Large garden wick/pot orders - Contact for quote

Made up Compost Gardens ready to go

Qty 1 x Made up compost bin garden - 50 pot Size + Delivery in Brisbane region = $220

Qty 1 x Made up compost bin garden - 50 pot Size + Delivery in Brisbane region = $330

Qty 1 x The Grow Tower - 150 pot Size garden + Delivery in Brisbane region = $695

How it works and is constructed

Organics in its simplest, lowest cost, easiest, and purest form

You drill a series of 41 mm spaced holes into plastic compost bin and top side section of a number of small plastic garden pots [taking account of the sunlight direction and space requirement of intended crop to be grown] you then secure the garden pots inside the bin with Grandmaster bottle wicks, that are threaded, strong and designed for this interconnection purpose.  The pots are then planted up with preferred crop, and moisture holding media such as peat moss, sphagnum moss, or clean potting mixture and perlite. The top strata of pots inside the compost bin are attached to garden pots so that the root systems located on the upper section of the compost bin are not affected by the constant decomposition of compost inside the vessel.  The horizontal external 40mm pot openings does not allow grass clippings or weed seeds to be caught as you constantly empty weeds and grass cuttings into the bin. The 40mm pot and compost bin garden design is sufficient in size to grow most popular small root crop house hold vegetables such as tomatoes, strawberries, spinach, and so on. A simple watering sprinkler system or drip system can be attached on the underside of lid to transport water into the compost bin or a simple drink bottle spout as shown can be used to hose feed water inside to irrigate the crop and assist in rapid composing. 

         Healthy tasty food all year round - organics in its simplest, lowest cost, easiest, and purest form unbeatable results.

         Maximizes the use of limited cultivation space in today's small back yards, balconies and sections

         No dig, no work, low cost, low maintenance garden

         Worms become your best friend, as this irrigated compost garden design enhances their ability to rapidly compost large quantities of kitchen waste, lawn clippings, tree cuttings and garden weeds saves on dump fees.

         Eliminates root ball heat stress as the large body of wet compost best protects the plant roots from being exposed to high temperatures that occur on a hot 35 C degree Aussie Summer days

         Creates heat inside the garden bed, which allows gardeners to grow all year round even in cold winter soil conditions whereby plant growth normally stagnate

         Vertical pot alignment stops weed seeds from taking hold as a result of spillage when refilling compost bin with grass and weeds.

         Ergonomic planting and harvesting

         Minimizes bug and mould damage to strawberries etc.

         Suitable as both a commercial organic or hydroponic garden design.



Wicks $40 x Qty 20