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The Cascading Hydro Tube

Hydro Culture is the future of world gardening !!!

Grows bigger healthier plants twice as fast on 100 times less water


[Replicates natural river systems]

The cascading hydro tube utilizes a series of baffles - Mini Locks [located in the pipe] to trap and store pockets of water for use on slopping land and creates water ripple movement, which thereby increases water aeration [hence exposure to the carbon and nitrogen cycle for increased growth rates].

Use and advantages for cultivation.

The cascading hydro tube has been designed for practical - low cost - water efficient, out door  gardens, that most effectively utilizes the Nutrient Film Technique .  

This product maximizes plant health and yields and allow for successful cultivation in regions with very limited water supplies. 

This product has an elongated flexible, plastic half pipe construction as similar to drainage pipe, that facilitates mechanical installation by a tractor and eliminates the need for pipe fittings and provides for compact storage and ease of transportation. 

Inserted as a permanent garden bed liner into shallow trenches on sloping land in a snake like, zig-zag  fashion, it is used to create a shallow running stream underneath a garden and recycles water back to reservoir located at the lower section of garden. Special features include removable jiffy pot inserts and attachment feature for attachment to plastic sheeting [for use of popular plastic sausage cultivation methods]. 



   The Worlds most water efficient irrigation product range !!!

Grows bigger healthier plants twice as fast on 100 times less water