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The Grandmaster Bottle Wick Product Range


   Grows bigger healthier plants twice as fast on 100 times less water

Professor William Frederick Gericke [Father of Hydroponics]  grew his famous 25 foot tomato plants in the 1930"s using an identical but nutrient rich fertigation technique 

Other components designed for use in constructing low pressure and high pressure bottle wick, hydro culture, hydroponic gardens.

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The Grandmaster Bottle Wick Kit is designed to allow for construction of water conservation gardens from widely available recycled - plastic  drink bottles, plastic containers and PVC pipes, whereby the wicks threaded design, easily inserts, reinforces and prevents thin flexible plastic bottles from being crushed underground when being used as water storage vessels, and represents a similarly cheap, but more effective and advanced water conservation method than irrigation practises such as the "Pitcher Water Conservation Irrigation technique" popular and widely used by farmers in India for cultivating subsistence crops on small plots of land [1 to 2 acres of land]  for the growing of vegetables, coconuts, and arecanuts.

Advantages of the Bottle Wick Kit verse "Pitcher ground seepage 

wicking devices".

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The primary benefit of the bottle wick gardening technique "over a ground seepage device", as shown above, is that it uses both a "passive" and "active" flood and drain irrigation feed technique, for total medium saturation required for optimum growth potential. It uses a pressure compensated micro valve for continuous water level, which can be hooked up to gravity flow from a tank or micro irrigation tubing and a pump.  Finally it best provides root ball exposure to the nitrogen and carbon cycle.

The overflow "flood feature" of a bottle wick is served by 2 narrow slits cut into the top side of a plastic drink bottle on either side of the wick, cut out with a pair of sharp scissors or angle grinder blade,  whereby minimum soil can enter the bottle, but whereby the water can overflow with bucket or hose filling.  The wick inclusion on the other hand serves as long term moisture feed method for keeping the root ball region of a constantly moist, whereby the water is drawn up and spread out in a garden bed, as similar as to what can be observed in nature, when walking on the beach, whereby the moisture level remains above the dropping tide via the phenomenon of capillary action.

Climate change, depleting water tables, desertification and rise in salinity because of indiscriminate use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides will make water conservation and the bottle wick kit  the future of world farming.

A farmer can easily irrigate 2-3 acres using this simple technology and save 90 per cent of water as compared to flood irrigation. Fertilizers can also be mixed along with the water and poured into the bottle. Weed growth has been found to be very minimal because water delivery is limited to the roots,   

Bottle Wicks Only $ 1.50 each

[Large orders price negotiable]

 Bottle Kit Deal"

1 x micro valve - 5 x bottle wicks - Tools - 1 x 25mm hole saw - 1 x 41mm hole saw

Hydroponic A & B Solution fertilizer


[price includes postage - in Australia ]