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Rombo Cup Wheel

Rombo Abrasive Shoe

The Grandmaster Tornado

Diamond Stone - Granite Polishing Pads

Electroplated resin discs 

Fire Ant Blades

Diamond Burrs

Double Row Cup wheels 

Bead Abrasive Cup Wheels

Insert adaptor plate

X Cut Blades

Ceramic Tile Blades

Vacuum Braised Tile Blades

Cyclone Turbo Cup Wheels

Carbon Cluster Blades

Crack Chaser & Tuck Point Blades

10 Inch Cup wheels

Carbide chip cup wheels and Shoes

Ring Saw Blades

Brick Saw & Hand held cut off saw Blad

Diamond saw wire

VB Mini Core Drills

Tiger PCD 







Electroplated discs and cup wheels


One of my Best sellers used for polishing concrete and bench tops [lots of diamond]


Sizes - 

125mm $55 each - 

150mm $ 77 each

180mm $ 99 each


100 Grit & 200 grit are available



2 types available 100 mm size - convex and flat shape


Stone polishing, tile shaping and metal work applications


$120 each


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