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The Grandmaster - Dominator Burnisher

Brisbane Floor Grinder Hire

$250 Per Day



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The Grandmaster Rombo 


World's best Grinding Abrasive






The GrandMaster Floor Bracket - Grinder

"Proudly Designed and Made in Australia"

King of the Concrete Jungle

Gets you offGet's you off your knees !! - Best Low handle chair design !! - Superior working control !!eeggggg

The portable, productive, ergonomic and versatile 7 inch Grandmaster angle grinder bracket system is considered by flooring and asbestos removal professionals who have used this product as the world's most practical and productive 10 amp surface preparation tool. 

Angle grinders and floor grinder bracket systems are popular and are widely used by professionals in the flooring industry, who commonly use them in conjunction with larger heavier 10 inch, 15 amp or 3 phase floor grinding machines for general grinding, edge grinding and "tidy up roles" after heavy coatings have been removed by a more robust, larger. heavier, less maneuverable, machines. The Grandmaster floor grinder with its range of superior diamond abrasives, raised loop ergonomic bracket design, high quality electrical switch, toggle latch,  floating dust shroud design, grinds 3 times faster than all grinders pictured below and is the grinder I personally use to complete 75% of all small floor grinding jobs encountered.  Grandmaster tools  raises the bar for his competitors [once again], with an even more improved design that is light weight, portable - operates best on limited 10 amp house hold power supply - and can grind up to 150 square metres a day [That is a very large house].

Road tests by me of all the popular and widely sold and hired brands of grinders clearly demonstrate that the Grandmaster is the team quarterback of your flooring grinding business - I personally travel with 2 to 3 types of floor grinders on jobs I undertake and have come to the conclusion the Grandmaster Dominator Burnisher, Grand Master Floor Grinder Bracket Grinder, Grandmaster edging tool and the Floorex Meteor Grinder is all a large, medium or small grinding or floor sanding contractor will need.

What is the superior advantages of the Grandmaster angle grinder bracket over the plethora of other cheaper angle grinder bracket offerings in the market place ? 

"No More Cyborg Hand or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome"

  1. Despite the trend of his competitors to bastardize prices with cheaper offering.  The Grandmaster stubbornly continues to use only the very best quality "lock on" electrical switch handles for his bracket.  The wisdom of this quickly becomes apparent on the work site for prolonged grinding operation and maximized worker comfort  - No More Cyborg Hand [ When a quality tool like this can earn you up to $1500 a day - This feature alone is well worth the extra cost]


"No more sore backs or Knees"

2. The Grandmaster Bracket looped design was designed by the Grandmaster as a result of personal back injury and aversion to working on his knees, and provides for straight back pick up and sit up during operation and repetitive movement. Allowing you to work in great comfort for long hours, day after day.


3. Short handled chair operated design offers the greatest control of high speed grinder, superior portability and working advantages in small rooms such as toilets or under kitchen benches.

Ensures your business best complies with QLD (The WHS Act 2011]

Provides your business with the best risk management and safety management system for an angle grinder, that best manages your primary duty of care responsibilities to your workers, and other persons, from being exposed to, grinder contact accidents, dust and musculoskeletal disorders.

Reduces Work Stoppages 


In most job situations contactors seldom have sufficient or reliable power supply to operate their floor grinders and vacuum cleaners, and experience frequent power cuts and annoying work stoppages, as a result of having to share the available electrical power source with other contractors or home owners and their power hungry electrical appliances. Angle grinder bracket designs with there smaller power draw, best manage this commonly encountered problem.  


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GrandMaster Grinder Bracket $950 + GST , [Comes with 1 weight ]

GrandMaster Floor Grinder [Includes chair] $2300 + GST , [Metabo Grinder, Quality fittings, 2 weights, Ready to go]