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Cyclone Disc driver

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Ceiling Grinder Bracket

SDS - Scrapper Adaptor Kit 

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Poly Cub Floor Grinder

Super Polivac Burnishers 

Edge Grinder Bracket

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Drywall Sander Bracket

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250mm Jumbo Cup Wheels

180mm Rombo Cup Wheel

180mm Jumbo Cup Wheel

The Rombo Abrasive Shoe

Grand Master Alligator PCD

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Floor Grinder Adaptor Kits

125mm Dust shrouds

180mm Dust Shrouds 

180 & 230mm Cutting Shrouds 

Concrete renovator

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Tile Grout Removal Bracket




230mm Carbide Cluster Blades

$350 each [In Stock]

For removal of tough caulking and bitumen strips








Outdoor 230mm Soff Cut 

& Joint Cleanout Saw

"Proudly Designed and Made in Australia"


Lets you stand up like a Man and cut straight lines like a Pro

Bracket & Handle + 1 weights [ $850 + GST ]

This GrandMaster 230mm outdoor floor saw despite its low cost and simplicity makes straight line concrete cutting tasks easy and can do it just as well as the more expensive soff cut saw brands [but without the skill], which makes you wonder why it had to be so damn complicated in the first place. The GrandMaster 230mm outdoor floor saw also has the added bonus that it can also be fitted with wire brushes, tuck point blades and carbon cluster blades for performing tough bitumen and caulk grinding and joint cleanout roles prior to sealing with polyurethane sealant. 

In conjunction with a blower fan [to direct dust away from operation] I am able to cut neat accurate expansion lines in cured concrete before I follow up with deep cut incisions with a wet petrol saw.  Large wet saws tend to blow the marked lines from the path which is a problem when you have to get it right the very first time and is critical to doing a good job.  What's more crooked lines leads to unhappy customers who don't pay their bills.

Ensures your business best complies with QLD (The WHS Act 2011]

Indoor 230mm Dustless Floor Saw          

Concrete soft cut saw, timber floor board cutting, rapid hump removal, straight line marking applications  - $3300 -

"Miles ahead of the competition"


The GrandMaster dry cut product range allows you to perform a wide range of cost and labour saving applications in the floor preparation industry :

Useful  for quick and economical floor reductions and removal of floor humps when used in dual combination with a jack hammer and floor grinder - that saves or eliminates expensive self leveling compound use.

Can be fitted with a saw blade to cut up stuck down carpet or timber flooring for rapid removal.

Soft cut and straight line scoring, prior to deep wet saw cutting.

Concrete floor repair tasks

Saves significant expense associated with self level compound use

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For  Concrete Repair - Floor Grinding - Driveway - Crack Repair 

Building Services

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Improves Work Place Safety.