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The Grandmaster variable speed tidy up edge grinder - $1140 + GST 

[Includes Grinder polisher, Bracket and Rombo cup wheel]

"Proudly Designed and Made in Australia"

Used with paint pole extension and roller work chair - slow variable speed facilitates good control and allows you to tide up where the grandmaster edge grinder cannot get.

Grandmaster Edge Grinder

Grinds 100s of linear meters from the comfort of a roller chair - Only gets left at home once !!!

The Grandmaster variable speed edge grinder is used with paint pole extension in a standing position or roller work chair to perform concrete polishing or edge grinding abrading tasks without damaging walls with or without timber skirting.  Simple, effective and very easy to operate this tool replaces the need to own any fancy edge grinding machine and is able to be operated in a relatively dust free enviroment without the clutter of a dust shroud

Simple, effective and very easy to operate

The Grandmaster edge grinder bracket gets you of your hands and knees, significantly improves productivity, reduces worker fatigue and quickly becomes an invaluable and heavily used piece of kit in your flooring, concrete repair or building business.

Great for general tidy ups

Most effectively operated  with either the Grandmaster Rombo or RCD abrasive cup wheels

RCD - $220 each

Ensures Your Business complies with QLD (The WHS Act 20011]

Slow grinding speed reduces grinder contact hazards and exposure to silica dust which over a period results in silicosis, a stiffening and scarring of the lungs. Which results in shortness of breath, coughing, and chest pain. The effects are irreversible and invariably leads to a degeneration in the person's health, and premature death.

         Special features include:

Improves work productivity 10 -20 times

Improves working comfort and ergonomics

Very robust - high quality - metal cast construction [made with love].

Most practical edge grinder in the market place - easy adjustment  - low cost maintence - set up costs

Provides life saving protection from grinder contact accidents and dust dispersion

Light weight

Australian made bracket

Grinds corners edges and those hard to get places without the clutter of a dust shroud 


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