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The GrandMaster "Tiger PCD" 


A quantum leap in water proofing and vinyl removal technology !!!

Worlds most robust PCD cup wheel with the most bits 



"We tried everything to remove thick water proofing and the Tiger Cup attached to the grandmaster floor grinder was the only cup wheel we found that could do the job".

Ian Layton Constructions - Mobile 0412712161

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High Quality Korean Manufacture -- smooth grinder ride - very aggressive cutting performance - reduced segment loading -  lots of lovely big PCD bits.


PCD cup wheels

Size & Type

No Seg


Price: USD Equivilant

Double Row 100mm premium






Double Row 125mm premium








Tiger Cub                                                   $450

Tiger Cub

Double Row

180mm 7 inch







King Tiger  

Double Row






Vinyl - Water Proofing - Paints - Hard to remove coatings

Very expensive but pays for itself in an hour when the going is tough and it lasts and lasts.