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World Famous in Brisbane

Best technology, products and solutions for small to medium surface preparation businesses 


Patented - Step segment and combo sacrificial segment design

$40 each [$35 each qty 9]

The GrandMaster "Step Rombo Shoe

High Performance Diamond Shoe !!!

Energy = Mass x Velocity

High Quality Chinese Manufacture - smooth grinder ride - multi directional cutting performance - reduced segment loading - 12mm segment size, 25 Grit diamond grit, soft bond.

Superior Stone Cut , Carpet and Vinyl Glue removal Shoe

  1. Much more abrasive than regular patterns

  2. Leaves smooth grinded finish

  3. Combines 2 best diamond segment designs in the world

  4.  Useful for cutting stone in hard concrete, tile glue removal, trip hazard removal, exposed aggregate grinds etc





The GrandMaster Step Rombo

"Half Pipe Step Combo Segment Cup Wheel" 

[Patented technology] - Currently only available in 100mm cup wheel size

High Performance Cup Wheel Design !!!

Energy = Mass x Velocity

High Quality Chinese Manufacture - smooth grinder ride - multi directional cutting performance - reduced segment loading - 30/40 diamond grit segment soft soft bond design.

The Step Rombo is the worlds best diamond tool as it combines and improves upon the worlds 2 best diamond tool segment designs, that delivers unbeatable ride and cutting performance. The Step segment shape has already taken the local Australian market by storm, with its many serrated cutting edges, it has proven to be one of the best and most effective designs for removing coatings and exposing stone in hard concrete floors, however experienced flooring professionals acknowledge that it suffers from a few serious design flaws being that it can at times be " too aggressive or can excessively gouge a soft concrete or timber floor, cause medium to large planetary grinders to trip out the electrical overload switch of the grinder or power board as a result of too much weight and friction [this often results in a day off and an urgent visit to your highly paid electrical repair man], or similarly worse scrubs out $315 and 9 diamond shoes after only 1 hours work.  Hence experienced and frugal operators have learned too combine and intersperse these very effective step cutting shoes in between harder wearing sacrificial single of double segment diamond grinding shoes, which on large grinding machines is good enough,  but on lighter grinding equipment this combination with regular segments has been proven to be Not Sacrificial enough to be sufficiently effective or productive.  The Grandmaster Step Rombo product range has gone the next evolutionary step and solves all these problems and not only provides a superior sacrificial diamond segment tool combination, but a superior spring plate attachment means for light to medium grinders and floor buffer plates. And a superior diamond  range for large grinders.

Now first released it in a 4 inch cup wheel size this is the ultimate diamond tool for your business needs  [Best Bang for buck].  Other sizes and types of Plates for grinders can be also ordered in modest quantities at wholesale prices [i.e Qty 20]  HTC, Husqvana or Schwhamborn plates,  in the larger 16mm Jumbo Floor Shoe Soft bond size.

Order Now.

  1. Almost Unbeatable for removing carpet glues, vinyl glues, epoxy paints and all other thin set coatings

  2. Serious cutting and smooth grinded finish 

  3. Much more balanced tool, Most Grinder plates only use 3 plates with 3 shoes

  4. Longer Lasting - more diamond

  5. Combines 2 best diamond segment designs in the world

  6. Provides light weight floor buffers and single phase grinders [under 100 kg] with 3 phase grinder performance

  7.  Unbeatable for cutting and exposing stone in hard concrete, 

100mm  x   $90 + GST

Built Heavy Duty - Contractor Tough - Saves you $1000s


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