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The GrandMaster "7 inch Funnel Web Cup Wheel"


Out performs all other abrasive  [good all purpose use] Lasts 4 to 10 times longer than regular cup wheels

16mm x long 3mm multi prong segments - 45mm long x 16mm sharp segments [medium and soft bond segment design]


Designed specifically for floor grinder use

Superior performance to Arrow Heads and PCDs - smooth grinder ride - multi directional cutting performance - superior carpet glue, paint and very hard to remove compounds - reduced segment loading - 30/40 diamond grit - multi purpose diamond abrasive design.

Customers Rave About this Product - Try a set and find out why

For attachment to all floor grinders and angle grinders that take a 7 inch [180mm] cup wheel, this moderately priced, all purpose, multi directional, non segment loading, smooth riding, smooth grinding, smooth sanding, all coating removal, superior concrete polishing shoe design, - more effectively sands, grinds or removes all coatings, even the very toughest tile and carpet glue coatings from all wall and floor surfaces. 

Buy and try, you will be simply amazed !!!

$220 each + GST

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