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The Grandmaster Super Titan 

The Grandmaster Super Titan blade is a high quality professional grade, 2.0mm  continuous rim blade designed for cutting tile & semi precious lapidary materials.  Manufactured in 180mm - bore 22.2mm and 200mm - bore 25.4 sizes, it incorporates the same popular thin [Korean made] tile blade technology found on smaller 4" and 5" sizes , that allows you to source and use a premium quality blade with a wet-sawing machine that is quite a bit cheaper than a dedicated tile or lapidary wet trim saw.

Customers intending to use this blade for lapidary use please note, lapidary blades usually have a bore size too small to fit and will require an adaptor ring.  

Manufactured with a very high concentration of  diamond it is able to be used for - cutting ceramic, porcelain, marble, granite & gemstone & rocks such as agate, quartz, petrified wood, jasper, jade, etc.


  GM-ST Blade


  Continuous Rim


  7" or 180mm - 8" or 200mm


(thinner than standard tile saw blades to suit lapidary work)


  22.2 or 25.4mm


 Profession tile saws come with 1" - 25,4 mm shaft.
If you require bush to suit different size, please ask.


  Tiles and most lapidary cutting tasks

We can supply a bush to reduce this blade for standard sized smaller bore ON REQUEST (eg. 3/4", 5/8") - if you need one of these, just let us know when you order .  A surcharge may apply.

QUALITY GUARANTEE:  We believe these blades will perform as well or better than any comparable tile cutting blade currently available (quick, clean cutting) and long life - and if you are not completely satisfied, we will refund your purchase in full.

These premium quality blades are manufactured especially for Grandmastertools and are ideal for all types of tile and semi precious material cutting requirements


                                   The Ryobi                             The Ozitio 600        


GrandMaster Super Titan - 180mm x 22.2mm - $88.00

GrandMaster Super Titan - 200mm x 25.4mm - $99.00

GrandMaster Super Titan - 100mm x 22.2mm - $32.00

GrandMaster Super Titan - 115mm x 22.2mm - $32.00

GrandMaster Super Titan - 125mm x 22.2mm - $35.00