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The GrandMaster "Alligator PCD" 

"Proudly Designed in Australia"

A quantum leap in coatings removal technology !!!

Simply unbeatable for removing all thin set coatings & membranes - 4 & 7 inch sizes.

Legendary Grandmaster Quality

High Quality Japanese PCD Bits

More Robust - Longer Lasting - Improved Carpet Glue Removal Design

The Grandmaster Alligator PCD product range was developed to overcome the serious design flaws in current PCD cup wheel designs  in that they experience regular plate breakage and pcd bit dislodgement due to weakness created by the cavities milled in the cup wheels.

The Alligator design has 3 times the number of sharp teeth for greater abrasion wear and strength and doubles the structural strength of the plate at business section of the cup wheel, for greater wear and cup wheel life. Trials concluded so far have been very impressive. 

4 inch $250 - 7 inch Price $350


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