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Patented - Grandmaster tools Hurricane disc driver - $660

Canterbury 2.5Hp - Sander - Best quality - most powerful buffer machine in marketplace - $3850.00

This patented plate disc driver invention is a very useful addition to your concrete polishing, coating application, floor preparation business as it allows you to attach floor grinding shoes, resin discs or diamond or paper sanding abrasives to a light weight, 10 amp floor buffer/scrubber, via a revolutionary patented new spring loaded saddle design.  This product is very effective and productive for tidying up and removing coating residue, abrading tiles, abrading concrete floors, removing concrete swirls, removing light to medium coatings, concrete floor grouting, self level compound sanding, timber floor sanding, oil stain removal - light planetary grinding and polishing roles - leaves a perfectly flat 150 grit sanded finish.   

Steel Disc - comes with Grandmaster shoes of choice - $825



Product Features

1/ Removal of glues, paints, carpet glue, oil stain removal,  leaves smooth planetary grinded finish

2/ Can be fitted to all Redi Lock Shoe patterns

3/ Uses superior, Grandmaster Alligator PCD, Funnel Web, Rombo and Jumbo shoe abrasive designs

4/ Quick plate attachment and release [as used by polivac]

5/ Unique Patented IP, Disc Saddle and Abrasive Designs

Technical Information

Provides "Goldie Locks " Thermodynamic segment convection equilibrium

This disc provides "Goldie Locks Thermodynamic segment convection equilibrium" in that its softer spring loaded ride and hollow segment design and shape,  works together to significantly reduce diamond glazing, caused by heat transfer to the segment mass from motion, Great heat inhibits full exposure of diamond particles contained within the bonding metal matrix of a grinding abrasive.  In combination with "Hooke’s Quantum Mechanics", the discs spring saddles and cushioned softer ride, not only better ride the undulating contours of a concrete floor, but directly convert spring energy into kinetic energy with each disc rotation, thus maximizing the useable work energy able to be harvested from a 10 amp – 42kg machine - giving it the performance of a much larger heavier more powerful 15 amp or 3 phase grinding machine.