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EP Diamond Range

Turbo Cup Wheels

Double Row Cup wheels 

Insert adaptor plate

Cyclone Turbo Cup Wheels

Other Pattern Cup Wheels

Tile cutting blades

Crack Chaser & Tuck Point Blades

10 Inch Cup wheels

Planetary Grinder Segments and other heads

Turbo Segmented Blades

Special Purpose Blades

Ring Saw Blades

Brick Saw & Hand held cut off saw Blades

Road Saw Blades

Diamond saw wire

Diamond Core Drills

Diamond Stone - Granite Polishing Pads

PCD diamond abrasives






New Invention

Floor Grinder Plate Adaptors 


180mm plate + inserts - $320

New insert plate product range is available in all floor grinder types and sizes, is designed to incorporate the superior redi attachment shoe design,  that enable use and fitting of cheaper abrasives to the Husqvarna (Dimas) Crete Mower, Bianco CUB, HTC, Inovetech, Grindmaster, MK, Satellite, Meteor, floor grinder machine.

All floor grinder plate sizes, grits, shoe types and polishing attachment pads are in stock and can be ordered on request .


180mm Floor Polishing Discs - velcro backing - $120 each pad - all grits available

$180 Complete with disc.  


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