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The GrandMaster Fire Ant Blade  

Electroplated Metal Cutting Blade  

The Grandmaster Fire Ant has been designed for attachment to a 100 - 125mm angle grinder.  That provides customers with a harder wearing diamond blade alternative to a carbon blade.

  Cuts thin steel plate up to [1 - 2mm] in diameter. 

Light fabrication tasks - car & electrical appliance - recycling - demolition  

Back ground to product development

Carbon blades are widely used on small angle grinders for cutting thin metal plate.  Although relatively effective and inexpensive, the small fast wearing carbon blade provides only a very short cutting life, and requires constant replacement.  

The Grandmaster fire ant  blade product design provides a harder wearing, longer lasting blade than carbon blades and is able to cut a wider range of materials

Operator Beware

Work place health and safety equipment and working precautions are recommended and advised for its use.  As this hard working little blade is capable of giving  careless operators a very nasty and painful bite.

Product Features

The Grandmaster Fire Ant diamond blade incorporates all the latest innovations in diamond tool blade technology:

  1. Ultra thin blade, and tooth design, for good cutting performance 

  2. High quality construction - provide the longest life and lowest cost per cut

  3. Air cooled geometry -  for dry cut use

  4. Cuts - Steel -Tile - Concrete - Plastic - almost anything


Sizes 100mm - 125mm 

$44 Each