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The GrandMaster "Hurricane" 


A revolution in sanding abrasive technology !!!  

New flexible electroplated flap disc interface pad invention


Fits to most common grinder and sander brands - Grits 100#, 180# 

More proficient and durable sanding abrasive alternative than sand paper 

The new product range resides in a range of thin, flexible, diamond electroplated sanding abrasives of flap disc, design, shape, and configuration, that embodies a thin flexible fluoric rubber backed sandwich type body construction, for use and attachment to common grinders and sanders for the purpose of sanding, that utilize and incorporate useful attachment art and design features found on, electroplated diamond tools, grinders, grinder discs, sanders, sanding paper, and sander interface pad designs, that include various fine to medium grit compositions, hole patterns for the purpose of dust extraction, and array of Velcro, magnetic or glue stick methods of attachment to power tools, manufactured in a wide array of sander interface pads and grinder discs designs, for attachment to common, “dry operation,” electrical, or pneumatic power tools,

Employs rigid overlapping electroplated diamond flap segments, bonded to a thin flexible fluoric rubber backed sandwich type body construction, [as similar to a medieval knights body armour] that provides a new harder wearing, more proficient diamond sanding abrasive design, able to cope with great frictional forces and heat produced as a result of dry sanding tasks,

Enhanced noise & shock absorption - sufficient flexibility for sanding uneven surfaces - prevents excessive scouring or scratching of soft or easily damaged surfaces.

Object of Invention

The present invention provides people with a more durable and proficient alternative to sand paper and is flexible to be able to sand uneven surfaces, that prevents excessive scouring or scratching of soft timber surfaces, this new invention integrates the superior harder wearing diamond electroplated diamond bonded abrasive technology into a range of sanding abrasive forms that allow fine to medium dry sanding tasks to be performed, and is able to remove paint, glues, rust and scale from all manner of concrete, timber and steel surfaces from walls in a more proficient and cost effective manner. 

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