The  Qld WHS Act 201 requires all employers or self-employed people to protect themselves and their workers from the risk of exposure to hazards and are deemed to be liable for all work place accidents that happen in your work place: "unless you can demonstrate that your business has identified all the potential work place hazards, risks and control measures associated with your business activities, and ensured that your workers have access to the most up to date Personal protective equipment (PPE) designed to protect them and others from the risk of injury or illness. relating to your businesses use of angle grinders and dust extraction equipment".

The Grandmastertools Product Range was developed to comply with the Qld WHS Act 2011 ACT and safety conscious construction site environments, and provides your business with the world's best risk management and safety management system for angle grinders, that best manages your primary duty of care responsibilities to your workers, and other persons, from being exposed to, grinder contact accidents, dangerous silica & asbestos dust particles, falls and musculoskeletal disorders.


Injury cost calculator

                                     Injury cost calculator - Can your business afford even one workplace injury?

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bulletWork Health and Safety Regulation 2011 .
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