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Brisbane Floor Grinder + Vacuum + Separator Hire

Tile Glue removal - Cut and seal jobs

$250 Per Day






The Grand Master  "Warrior Vac" - Custom Build


The Grandmaster Warrior Vacuum Cleaner is a Component design  vacuum cleaner for the purpose of providing an affordable, powerful, commercial quality,  1 man transportable - door/stair way accessible, robust, , single phase,10 amp - vacuum cleaner to the serious contractor. 


Powerful enough to pick up a very small child - this vacuum uses Grandmaster tools highly advanced CBT  vacuum cleaner filter technology, that ensures no dust ever makes it to the vacuum filter  "no cake up problems" for continuous maximum work performance and improved operator work safety.  


The Grandmaster Warrior Vacuum is so revolutionary in design it is predicted to spawn millions of pirated copies world wide. 


[$4500] - Custom Build - manufacturing waiting time applies