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The GrandMaster Trip Hazard Cutting Saw Bracket

Horizontal Wet Cutting Saw Guide for the Husqvana K3000 .

The highly adjustable, Grandmaster Trip Hazard Saw Bracket provides a safe controllable cutting guide means for operating Husqvana K3000 wet saw with a large 350mm blade for cutting trip hazards on  a horizontal plane 

The Grandmaster Trip Hazard Saw Bracket represents the lowest cost means of eliminating trip hazards in a relatively dust free fashion.  Cutting trip hazards is also a much speedier means of removing trip hazards than just grinding  or using a small scarifier machine.  

To match this technology a large machine mounted scarifier machine is required which costs many thousands of dollars. 

Ensures Your Business complies with QLD (The WHS Act 20011]

Wet cutting reduces your exposure to silica dust over a period results in silicosis, a stiffening and scarring of the lungs. Which results in shortness of breath, coughing, and chest pain. The effects are irreversible and invariably leads to a degeneration in the person's health, and premature death

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