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Tile Grout Removal Bracket




The Grand Master Tile Grout Removal Tool

"Takes the pain out of tile grout removal"

Tile Grout Removal Tool [custom made to order] - Plug in ready to go  $2200

* Variable Speed - Adjustable Wheel Guide - Trigger Handle - Adjustable Gun Site*

Ensures your business best complies with QLD (The WHS Act 2011]

Provides your business with the best risk management and safety management system for an angle grinder, that best manages your primary duty of care responsibilities to your workers, and other persons, from being exposed to, grinder contact accidents, dust, falls and musculoskeletal disorders

Product features:

Increases productivity and profitability  - 10 - 20 times

Improves workplace safety - grinder/ operator contact, eye injuries, falls, etc.

Clear line of sight and gun site guide for accurate straight cutting

Wide roller blade board wheels for steadier straight line tracking.  

Attaches to small - cheap - light weight 100mm or 125mm angle grinders.

Variable speed allows for slow blade speed to reduces dust and damage to tiles

This ergonomic and portable tool allows for easy transport and operation on cluttered building sites and can comfortably reach both high and low grinding tasks with ease.

This tools robust construction and bracket system design ensures trouble free operation

Get Serious !!! about profit and work place safety