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Cyclone Disc driver

Typhoon Disc Driver

Hurricane Disc driver

Ceiling Grinder Bracket

SDS - Scrapper Adaptor Kit 

Floor Grinder Bracket

Poly Cub Floor Grinder

Super Polivac Burnishers 

Edge Grinder Bracket

Crack Chaser Bracket

Floor Cutting Bracket

Drywall Sander Bracket

Cup Wheel Spacer Nut

250mm Jumbo Cup Wheels

180mm Rombo Cup Wheel

180mm Jumbo Cup Wheel

The Rombo Abrasive Shoe

Grand Master Alligator PCD

The Funnel Web Cup Wheel

Grandmaster Tiger PCD

Floor Grinder Adaptor Kits

125mm Dust shrouds

180mm Dust Shrouds 

180 & 230mm Cutting Shrouds 

Concrete renovator

Paint Pole Tool Holder

Grandmaster Scraper

GrandMaster Vacuum

Tile Grout Removal Bracket





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Grandmaster Dust Shrouds

Description - Fits Bosch & Hitachi Models

Size mm

Price [AUD]

125 - formwork patcher shroud



125 - premium - split shroud



180- Metabo - Alum body



180- Metabo - Steel body



180 - steel cutting shroud



230 - steel cutting shroud



Grandmaster Tool Bracket Range

Description -  Grinder/Sander Brackets

Size mm

Price [AUD]

100 - 125 - ceiling grinder bracket 

100 - 125


Drywall sander bracket Fits -Festool ES150,  150mm -  $660

230mm Random Crack Chaser Bracket 230 $850

230mm Floor cutting bracket [economy + 1 weight]



Grandmaster floor grinder bracket



Assembled Tool Product Range

Description - Complete assembly

Grinder Size mm

Price [AUD]

GrandMaster Ceiling Grinder



Random Crack Chaser Saw 180mm $1170
Economy 230mm Floor Saw 180mm $1170

GrandMaster Drywall Sander [Sander the lot]]



GrandMaster Floor Grinder



GrandMaster Ceiling Drip line Cutter



GrandMaster edge grinder



GrandMaster 125 Renovator



GrandMaster 180 Concrete Renovator



GrandMaster 230mm Floor Saw - [Premium]   230mm $2500

Scrapper Product Range

Description - Complete assembly

Blade Size mm

Price [AUD]

GrandMaster SDS Wall tile remover






Price [AUD]

GrandMaster paint pole adaptor



GrandMaster SDS adaper Kit   $127

Tool Bin

Description -


Price [AUD]

Additional grinder weights


$100 each

Rubber shroud skirts 125mm -180mm

Qty 5


Dust shroud knuckles

10 -14 mm sizes


$20 each


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