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125mm "Tornado Sanding discs"

A revolution in sanding abrasive technology !!!

$90.00 each + GST

 "125mm Electroplated Flap Discs "


Superior performance and much longer lasting than sandpaper

150 grit 

$66.00 each + GST



 Stick Discs "

125mm -$45

150mm - $77

180mm - $120


"New Invention 

GrandMaster Electroplated Flap Disc Interface Pads 

150mm dia - 50 # - 200 # - Grit Bosch or Festool Hole Pattern available - $120.00 each




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Alone at the Top !!! 

Only $660 Each

GrandMaster Drywall Pistol Grip Sander Bracket   

Attaches the highly respected Festool 150 ES eccentric sander onto light weight telescoping paint poles, that creates a superior sanding tool that sands either floors, walls, or high ceilings over 12 metres in height.

Drywall Sanding - Painting - Texture Application - Concrete Patching - Floor Sanding


Ensures your business best complies with QLD (The WHS Act 2011]

Provides your business with the best risk management and safety management system that best manages your primary duty of care responsibilities to your workers, from being exposed to, falls, dust and musculoskeletal disorders.

Sander Types and Comparisons  

The PortaCable sander [shown on left] currently is the market leader in the drywall industry, and was superior in working performance to all other drywall sanding system types.  Up until the development of the Grandmaster Sander bracket system [As shown on right].

The success and popularity of the PortaCable design has spawned many imitators [Including Festool], one of its most popular and widely copied features is its sanding head which has a wider diameter than a hand held sander and is very light.  Its operational drawbacks however are many and include, its limited work reach [only 3M in height], its weight which exceeds 6 kg and makes it very tiring to operate over prolonged periods of time, use of very expensive sandpaper - [$8-10 each], relatively advanced mechanical skills required to keep it operational, and lack of ability to sand inside enclosed spaces which means a lot of additional unpopular "dusty, physically tiring, hand sanding and detailing".

Nothing Beats A GrandMaster - And its Built to last

The robust single piece, all metal, Grandmaster bracket sander design on the other hand ticks all the boxes, while a little bit slower to machine sand low walls and ceilings, it easily makes up the lost 30 minutes of time taken to sand the standard low set house, with its much greater versatility and work reach [12 M], has lighter working weight [around 3 Kg], superior more detailed sanded finish [less hand detailing required], greater tool reliability [3 year festool sander warranty], and much lower sand paper costs [Costs 10 cents for a sand paper disc] .

Experience as one of Australia's largest drywall sanding contractors was the Inspiration for this Drywall Sander Bracket Development and Design 

I was an early adopter of the early sanding bracket technology, that were designed to attach to plasters flat box handles, but which were also beset by a number of design defects and turned of a lot of early customers of this bracket technology.  The Grandmaster Bracket design however is a new design and concept which has eliminated all of these early design flaws of early bracket technology and now sets the world standard for drywall sanding tool design.      

[Onsite demonstrations to interested local purchasers can be provided].

Common Day to Day Problems I Encountered As A Contractor

When subject to heavy daily use all sanding machines [Including the best quality] are subject to regular break downs and the older the machine the more regular break downs would occur [It was not uncommon for 2 or 3 machines to break down on one job].  Therefore as a business operator for pragmatic reasons, I needed the most reliable and cost effective solution to equip my workers with up to 4 sanders each to undertake work in remote locations, so that when a machine break down occurred they could quickly and easily replace it and finish their jobs.  

The high reach capability of the bracket system for sanding high walls and ceilings was also very beneficial [as I am scared of heights] and not only addressed the work place health safety needs and concerns held for my work force but significantly improved work speed and profitability of my business when undertaking high work commonly encountered on mansions, shopping centre's and commercial building sites.


Other Grandmaster drywall sanding bracket types

aluminium_cast_box_handle_bracket.jpg (22154 bytes) 

Long Bodied - aluminum cast sanding bracket

Flat box Box Handle type $660

L_sander_Bracket_1.jpg (9914 bytes)

Long Bodied Bracket

Paint pole handle type $660



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