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 Concrete Renovator - 180mm Metabo-Hitachi Dust Shroud 

The GrandMaster's Concrete Renovator tool combines the world's best  Dust shroud - Grinder - Handle  & Diamond Abrasives to allow you to construct the world's best hand held concrete renovator .

Ensures Your Business complies with QLD (The WHS Act 20011]

 "When only the best will do"

The GrandMaster's "Full Monty" Concrete Renovator deal


Fits Metabo & Hitachi  9 - 7 inch Angle Grinders

1 x 185mm 24 Segment Premium Turbo or Razorback Cup Wheel.  

1 x 180mm Grandmaster Shroud

1 x 9" x Metabo D Handle.

2 spare rubber skirt

1 x  M14 Cup wheel attachment knuckle

Metabo Grinder

[Want Us to do your building for you? Call now]

For Expert Texturing - Concrete Repair - Ceiling Preparation 

Building Services

Contact the GrandMaster on 0407145317 [Australia Wide Service]


Large variety of quality diamond abrasives available

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