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The GrandMaster Ceiling Grinder

"Takes the simple grinder on a stick idea to another level"

 The World's Best Ceiling Grinder/Concrete Renovator Technology - 30ft reach.

Ceiling grinder bracket and locknut $710

Paint pole adaptor - $100

The GrandMaster Ceiling grinder consists of a high quality adjustable tool bracket, designed for attachment to small light weight angle grinders and extendable paint poles.  This tool is workplace health and safety compliant, has good operational control and is quite simply a must have tool if you are a serious Texture/Painting/Building or Formwork contractor.

Ensures your business best complies with QLD (The WHS Act 2011]

Provides your business with the best risk management and safety management system for an angle grinder, that best manages your primary duty of care responsibilities to your workers, and other persons, from being exposed to, grinder contact accidents, dust, falls and musculoskeletal disorders

"The Ultimate Multipurpose Angle Grinder Handle design" 

The Ceiling Grinder/Concrete Renovator of choice for


[USA 2nd Largest Construction company] Ph. 301-343-2103

This simple but inspired angle grinder bracket design, is merely just an extension of your hand and can also be used to perform a wide variety of grinding - sanding - cutting tasks regularly encountered on building sites, and in the hands of a competent operator can perform the work of 10 - 20 men.

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In Combination with the brilliant new WerkMaster Scarab 125mm grinder head attachment this product also represents the worlds best floor edge polishing/grinding tool design.

Order your Grand-WerkMaster Combo Edger Tool Today $3300

[Want Us to do your building for you? Call now]

For Expert Texturing - Concrete Repair - Ceiling Preparation 

Building Services

Contact the GrandMaster on 0407145317 [Australia Wide Service]

Product features:

Increases productivity and profitability  - 10 - 20 times

Improves workplace safety - grinder/ operator contact, eye injuries, falls, etc.

Light weight  

Attaches to small - cheap - light weight 100mm or 125mm angle grinders.

Incorporates the Fantastic Grandmaster Premium Quality Dust Shroud with slide feature [world's best 5 inch dust shroud], that allows you to grind edges.

This ergonomic and portable tool allows for easy transport and operation on cluttered building sites and can comfortably reach both high and low grinding tasks with ease.

This tools robust construction and bracket system design ensures trouble free operation

Get Serious !!! about profit and work place safety


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