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About Us

Mathew Norton [the Grandmaster] self describes himself as Australia's biggest Dick Head whereby according to www.ipaustralia.gov.au  as he as lodged more patents and Trade designs than any other individual in recent times, even though he knows the world wide intellectual property system is a complete farce and a joke, he keeps wasting his money on lodging them.  Mathew Norton is also becoming widely known in his very small circle of friends [counted on 1 hand minus a few fingers] as Australia's answer to Forrest Gump for concrete and land care product design. Whereby he developed his extensive product range as a result of inspirations and experiences gained from operating his former landscaping business and current specialized concrete repair and floor grinder and scrapper hire business, that includes, concrete cutting, ceiling grinding, texture preparation & application, rendering, ceiling chasing, floor chasing, tilt panel grouting & repair, floor grinding, floor leveling, drywall sanding, trip hazard removal, chewing gum removal, tile removal, epoxy flooring, concrete patching, and painting "just to mention a few" .  Due to customer enquires, suggestions and world wide business contacts made as a result of his "journey" , Mathew Norton decided to add a manufacturing  and retail arm to his business "Grandmaster tools" and manufacture, source and sell some of the the best concrete products and diamond abrasives to the building industry worldwide.


Business Culture: continuous innovation and improvement, continuous marketing, attention to detail, best product design and quality.


Development Vision: become successful world leading enterprise group by 2045 or dead, which ever comes first.

Brand Motto: best technology, best quality, best prices, best marketing, best people, ensures success.

Core values: honesty and integrity, treating people fairly, leave the world a better place.
Management Policy: stay customer focused, think big, work smart, be positive, surround yourself with good people, Have a go.


Personal Motivations 


Mathew Norton's passion and focus is on customer service and developing, manufacturing and stocking a select range of high quality innovative tools and products that incorporate best design, have useful real life applications, that trades people seek out and buy.   







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