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Metabo Shroud Variant

The GrandMaster Custom Build - 180mm dust shroud

"Proudly Designed and Made in Australia"

Because your life depends on it !!!

This 180mm Grandmaster spilt guard, dust shroud is world famous for its high build quality and innovative working design features and sets the standard for dust shroud design that others copy but haven't improved. 

This quality custom build shroud is now specifically manufactured to the 7& 9" angle grinder brand of your choice {You supply the collar} - $350 each. 

Hilti Dust Shroud Variant        



Ensures Your Business best complies with QLD (The WHS Act 2011]

Exposure to silica dust over a period results in silicosis, a stiffening and scarring of the lungs. Which results in shortness of breath, coughing, and chest pain. The effects are irreversible and invariably leads to a degeneration in the person's health, and premature death.

[New Invention] Additional Floating Shroud Front Shroud Attachment Section that maintains contact with work surface , can also be ordered for heavy tile glue removal tasks.  $220.00 

[Want Us to do your building for you? Call now]

For Expert Texturing - Concrete Repair - Ceiling Preparation 

Building Services

Contact the GrandMaster on 0407145317 [Australia Wide Service]

Special features include:

Incorporates the most innovative split guard attachment design feature, that prevents loosening and dislodgement of the front end section of the dust shroud from grinder vibration [A major problem with other spilt shroud designs]

Contains a patented toggle latch dust shroud design feature [Au Design No 323532]- so innovative and popular it has been widely copied but not bettered by local and overseas pirate retailers and manufacturers.

Features a grinder collar design with alignment pins that prevents grinder shroud rotational movement, as occurs with counterfeit shroud designs.

Very robust - high quality - all steel or aluminum cast construction [made with love] which provides the operator with maximum durability and safety. Plastic and rubber shrouds, quickly wear, warp or break, when subject too heavy use or is accidentally dropped by the operator. 

Has the most practical rubber skirt design in the market place -  Ultra strong - attachment [Hose Clamp] -  low cost  or homemade replacement of rubber skirts can be simply and quickly replaced when necessary - from a users point of view  simple is bestOther dust skirt designs are defective in design, for example - Velcro skirts commonly used on other shrouds - quickly lose their ability to fasten firmly around the shroud when caked in concrete dust and therefore are unable to maintain a firm seal - hence provide effective dust extraction and require regular replacement.  Brush hair shroud skirts as used on other manufactured brands are also defective in design as they are generally very fragile and spare parts not readily stocked by hardware retailers or end users - for this reason practically all dust shrouds I have sighted on building sites are held together by duct tape. 

The 50mm hose dust extraction port is of a cast molded tight fitting design that prevents the tendency of regular hose dislodgement and facilitates the use of interchangeable vacuum fittings  for smaller lighter hose attachment if desired, .

The shrouds unique spilt guard design offers best dust extraction capability over other shroud brands when used in edge grinding role as the majority of dust is propelled at great speed out of the front section of the working grinder.  Unlike other shroud designs that expose a large front shroud cavity that is unable to control large volumes of dust from escaping. The Grandmaster rubber skirt design allows for the operator to cut only the minimum opening out of the front rubber skirt to expose the working tip of the cup wheel. 

Get Serious !!! about profit and work place safety