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Injury cost calculator

Injury cost calculator - Can your business afford even one workplace injury?





The GrandMaster, Angle Grinder, Safety Cutting, Dust Shroud

Ends Worksite prohibition of the very (powerful BUT useful 9 inch grinder)

All Steel Construction - Easy Blade Change - Toggle Latch Attachment - Robust Wheel Guide - Adjustable Gun Site 

$650.00  - 180mm & 230mm sizes available

Wall chasing - crack chasing - concrete blow outs , rebates - floor reductions 


Don't let this or worse happen to your employees

Under the Abrasive Blasting Code of Practice: section 274 of the QLD (The WHS Act 2011] and other sections of (the Act).  Your business has a primary duty of care to ensure as far as reasonably practicable, that workers and other persons are not exposed to health and safety risks arising from a machine which cuts, grinds, pulps, crushes, breaks, pulverizes or creates dust without the provision of a suitably strong and durable, dust extraction, safety guard, shield, cover, casing or physical barrier intended to either extract dust or prevent contact between the moving part and a person, or part of that person's clothing.  

Order !!! The world's Best Angle Grinder Safety Shroud From GrandMaster Tools Today

  1. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents reports that angle grinders were third in their top ten list of most dangerous tools, with an average of 5,400 serious injuries recorded yearly in Australia. In fact this is such a big safety issue today that many big building companies frightened by their legal duty of care requirements and costs associated with worker injury have banned the use of the very powerful but very useful 9 inch grinder from their worksites".

  2. Exposure to silica dust over a period also results in a serious health condition called silicosis, a stiffening and scarring of the lungs. Which results in shortness of breath, coughing, and chest pain. The effects are irreversible and invariably leads to a degeneration in the person's health, and premature death

Product Design Features

The  GrandMaster  cutting and crack chasing shroud  has an all steel construction, that does not warp or distort out of shape from heat when subject to heavy use [as happens with its competitors products which are constructed from a combination of molded plastic and soft composites]. This ensures that it is not only much safer to use but has a much longer working life.

The  forward blade cutting orientation  "is unique to the Grandmaster design, that pulls the grinder away from the body" and exhausts un-captured dangerous dust particles behind the operator [to be removed by exhaust fans]. 

The rear location of the dust port also provides the operator with a clear line of vision, when cutting to a straight marked line.

The GrandMaster 7 inch and 9 inch unique direct suction, dust port arrangement provides the best dust extraction possible in a work environment that requires dry cutting [around 80% dust extraction in a real working environment].

Designed for attachment to the excellent Metabo & Hitachi  7 & 9 inch angle grinder product range, for use in cutting walls and floors or crack chasing to a depth of 30mm

Robust construction provides the operator with the confidence and ability to get up close and personal with the cutting tool, which reduces operator fatigue and improves working control as the all steel guard offers the best protection possible should the grinder blade shatter, dislodge segments, or grinder tear itself out of the operators hands [a common cause of work place death and injury]. 

Concrete is much faster and easier to remove when it has been cut into small chunks with a diamond saw and removed in a scaling fashion than by just removing the concrete with the blunt point of a jack hammer

The GrandMaster cutting shrouds uncluttered design allows it to be used close to walls and in confined spaces. (The blade depth adjustment features and addition wheels etc, found on other shroud designs , create clutter, and serve no useful or practical purpose as deep cuts are best performed by a wet saw)

The GrandMaster cutting shrouds use a [no tool] spilt guard feature for rapid and easy blade change.

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 Think Safety First.

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